Cabinetry Painting

Does your cabinetry look a little old and worn? Have your children and pets, and maybe just time, taken away its once-gorgeous look?

A professional painter evaluates your cabinetry to determine the best approach that helps it maintain a beautiful appearance for years into the future. When you repaint your cabinetry on a regular basis, not only does it regain a new appearance, but you also protect the surface from damage, and it’s easier to clean too.

One of the most important considerations you’ll have when painting your cabinetry is how much you want done. If you’re like most customers, you’ll want a uniform appearance.

In that case, you should pain all coordinating cabinetry at once. You’ll also have to take a look at the interior and exterior condition of your cabinetry. You may be able to only paint the exterior if the interior is in good condition. If you have cabinetry in multiple areas of your home, it costs less to paint it all at once, if you have the budget available.

Your cabinetry will probably benefit most from oil-based paints. That’s because they harden when drying, which gives you a durable finish. However, latex paints have a comparable finish, less fumes, and dry faster. You can discuss this with White Lion’s painting professionals to see which approach makes most sense for you.

Your Cabinetry Can’t Wait Any Longer

White Lion Painting gives you great quality at an affordable price, and you pay nothing until your job is completed.

If you have old and worn cabinets, imagine how great your kitchen will look when they’re painted to look just like new!

You’ll feel happier because your kitchen’s back and looking fresh again. Your family and friends will notice and comment on their nice new appearance.

With more than 15 years of experience painting cabinets in homes of all kinds, White Lion Painting is your choice for quality work. We always use a superior preparation process and the best-quality paints and tools. They’re just more reasons we’re the fastest-growing residential painter in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

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